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Tanfolyamok Japánba

A Japán kormánnyal való 21 éves kapcsolat és az AOTS tagoknak a munkásságának és közreműködésének eredménye, hogy  meghírdetésre kerültek a 2019 év soron következő magas színvonalú tanfolyamjai a Magyar AOTS Társaság színeiben.

Felhívjuk tisztelt figyelmüket, hogy a tanfolyamok egy része a Japán kormány által támogatott!

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Tanfolyamok Japánba 2019
Seminar Title / Features / Target Participants Period Venue Participation Fee/person Application closure

Enhanced Production Management
(with TPS grade 4th Certificate)
14 - 19, 2019
\220,000 Extended: inquiry ASAP
You will be able to master the basic principle of TPS, also known as 'Lean Production'. This program will be implemented by AOTS in cooperation with Toyota Engineering Cooperation (TEC). Participants can obtain TPS grade 4 certification by passing the exam at the end of this seminar
For middle/senior managers and engineers of production department
Program on Enhancing 'Workplace Capability' using IE methods in the manufacturing industry Jan
21 - 25, 2019
\270,000 Dec 25, 2018
This program will be implemented by AOTS in cooperation with Central Japan Industries Association(Chu-San-Ren) You can study the Essence of Consulting skill of 'Workplace Diagnosis' by using IE.

For corporate executives , management executives, site managers in manufacturing companies, managers in corporate banking, management consultants for SME

Linkage Management –Advanced Production System based on TPS and TPM– Feb
13 - 19, 2019
\200,000 Jan 16, 2019
You can find your own action plan and key challenge subject to improve current production system of your company. Prof Shigenobu NOMURA, the ex-chairman of TPM Award Committee of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM), will guide and explain a concept of Linkage Management System. There are various production management tools such as TPM and TPS, and usually they are used individually. This seminar will link these tools with each other and deploy production systems from 'dots' to 'lines', to 'planes,' and ' Planes' to 'space.' The seminar will emphasize the alignment of these deployed systems with visions created by corporate managers. TPM involves from 'dots' to 'lines.' TPS from 'lines' to 'planes,' and linkage management from 'planes' to 'space' This approach will help participants

For top/middle/senior management who are responsible for the production system for the factory-wide work area in manufacturing companies, etc.

Practice-based management in Japan
–Management Innovation Starting from 5S–
Feb 25 - Mar 1, 2019 TKC
\200,000 Jan 25, 2019
This program will offer the new concepts of 5S activities of 'Strategy as Practice in Japan'. Participants will go to Japanese companies which were innovated by 5S tivities.
For business owners, directors and senior managers considering to introduce 5S-based corporate management to their companies.
Service Quality Management in Japan –Integrating new technology into Sustainable Values– Mar
4 - 8,
\220,000 Feb 1, 2019
What is a service quality in Japan? How to integrate disrupted technologies into sustainable service value.This program will be implemented by AOTS in cooperation with Japan Productivity Center(JPC) We will visit 'Retail Tech Japan at Tokyo Big Sight < > in this program.
For business owners, managers in service sector
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